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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Bye 2015

Assalamualaikum n gud morning.. long time i didnt write in this blog wahhh speaking cenggitu.. ahaha :) Well 2015 in almost end , ini bermakna.. selesai sudah satu lagi tahun yang sukar. Banyak benda da di tempuhi dan di harungi bersama dorm mate yang gila-II ahaha.

First of all thanks to Allah SWT because still give me chance to breath.. Alhamdulillah.. so final exam is past, all the big event also past now i'm counting time to get back to collage. nothing much to say  la my dear people change every day.. so just go with the flow okey. 

Well budak-II course da okey and everything change, its greattt i'm speachless dont know how tell... the Mr. Annoying the much-II more thing... dont know what to say. Below are some picture to share so enjoy..

Dormates 30 A

Whatever will be , will be


Culinary arts Lunch menu

my happ bag of laughter

we're sibblings

With Ikhsan Ghazali
Dinner night KVKK 2015

My happy-go-lucky sweet little junior
Daniel Eqmal

My gift from dormates

My sweet Fathini

Looking forward for 2016 , be happy my dear ..
see you next time bteteom chupchuchup 1000x